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PostSubject: Lheowyn/Pwnographic   Lheowyn/Pwnographic EmptySat Jun 30, 2012 2:52 pm

How it going? I wanted to apologize for leaving during tw, i was just so dang stressed with this game an other reasons i just needed break from guild. Sorry for how i left an sorry for calling sien a bitch. Just was offended when she jumped the gun an said i couldnt come back on facebook, instead of pm me why i left. And was wrong of me to leave like i did. I been with watchers the last few month of Drangon7. And it was best guild i every been in. Laughing Always till this day braged about zui an watchers overall. i never have hate for the guild itself. and there always be people who dont like me and thats okay peace Have a friend thats would love to join an he acitive an helpful, him an i both work so understand we wont be at computers 16 hours a day!!! Told him even if i dont get back in to fill it out anyways

I would like bring my aps sin back an my seeker. My sin is at 4 aps now because personal reasons. hopfuly be back 5 aps tonight. Seeker isnt geared just few r8 items. Like i said personaly reasons an he back back at his 9k hp unbuffed soon( yay ya 9k is noob for seeker but its work in progress). If you do let me back in, i work 70 hrs week so ya i be on like 1-2 hours a day, work saturdays an off sundays if i dont feel like working. Arg Just let me know what you think an if u accept my apology or not
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