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PostSubject: application   application EmptyMon Sep 17, 2012 4:53 am

Character name in game?:


Current Level?:

Other characters on Harshlands? Please add the names and levels, if you have. If you don’t have any alts, please just type a simple no:
station (sin 101) fatathlete (93 barb)

How long have you played, at what time zone, at what hours?:
ive played about 2.5 years im from UK so GMT but i work night shift so im mostly active during US day time

Why do you want to join Watchers?:
im just returning from a few months break and have no faction a friend Angel_Snow recomended i join

What are your experiences in TT (what TT have you ran?) FC’s? BH’s? Nirvana?:
i have done most TT Fc'd most BH and done Nirvana rusty at them tho due to my break

What are your experiences in TW? (territory wars) How many have you been in?:
i did TW with Mayhem spent around 6 month there

Can you attend TW in the weekends? Please, answer this qeustions with Yes or No:

dependant on work commitments but can attend most

In what ways can you contribute to Watchers?:
im friendly and helpfull and like to do things in a team tho a little quiet at times but will be a loyal member

What are your expectations of Watchers, what do you hope us to be like?:
i would just like a friendly faction to be part of

What achievements or goal do you hope to accomplish in Watchers?:
i want to improve my gear playing style ect (dont want to be given things want to earn it for myself whilst having fun)

Are you able to do guild base quests daily?:

What other guild(s) have you been in?:
mystics and Mayhem

What is your reason for leaving those guild(s)?:
i left when i took my break

Who would you consider as your friends in Watchers that can voucher for you? Please add the names of there characters:
Sparafucile and Angel_Snow

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application Empty
PostSubject: Re: application   application EmptyWed Sep 19, 2012 3:11 am

guess 2 weeks "trial" like every new member :3 try to catch an officer in game for invite

application Mojezdjcie5zc
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